Treehugger Jay

This is a stewardship.

1. This website is powered by 130% renewable energy.
2. Jared offsets all carbon emissions from speaking travel.
3. A Year of Living Prayerfully is printed on paper from certified-sustainable sources.

Readers can further offset their book purchases by planting…

…fruit trees in Africa.
…a rainforest in Guatemala.
…flood-halting trees in Asia.
…tree farms in the Caribbean.
…a chocolate forest in Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua or Panama.

In an effort to further reduce his carbon footprint, Jared…

  • does not own a microwave, television, or cell phone
  • blogs on this website from a refurbished computer
  • does not drink coffee or bottled water
  • lives in a 248-square-foot trailer for six months each year
  • offsets all carbon emissions from heating and electricity usage
  • shares an efficient (35 mpg) pre-owned vehicle with his wife
  • offsets all carbon emissions from personal driving
  • purchases approximately 75% of his wardrobe from used or organic sources
  • is a vegetarian

While far from perfect, Jared is carbon neutral and is working towards a fully ethical and redemptive life.  Creation care is a value that matters greatly to Jared because he affirms his role as a steward of God’s gift of planet earth.

Interested readers who want to calculate and offset their emissions are encouraged to visit…

What is a carbon offset?
Directory of Gold Standard Offsetters

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